Inquiry Regarding Tor Relay Migration with Change in Public IP Address

Hello everyone,

I’m seeking information on the migration of a Tor relay when both the machine and the public IP address need to be changed. I’ve followed the official Tor Project guide for relay operators (I want to upgrade/move my relay. How do I keep the same identity? | Tor Project | Support), which provides detailed instructions on migrating a relay when only the machine is changed.

However, in my case, in addition to changing the machine, I also need to change the public IP address. Apart from saving the keys and all the contents of the DataDirectory as outlined in the guide, I’m wondering if there’s anything else to consider when changing the public IP address as well.

I would appreciate it if anyone could share additional information or personal experiences regarding this specific situation. I want to ensure I’m following best practices and ensuring a smooth transition for my Tor relay.

Thank you in advance for your support and for sharing your knowledge.


  • This is not an Exit node
  • Basically I would like to save the relay history

There is nothing special about changing of IP address. In general a relay will ask other relays about what its IP is on startup. Just make sure you didn’t hardcode your IP address in your torrc, and if you did, update it :slight_smile:

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I just recently did this with one of my relays and as long as you back everything up and your vps provider clones your server to the new location you shouldn’t have any issues. If they don’t make sure to copy the /var/lib/tor datadirectory over to the new server prior to restarting tor.

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