Hopefully this isn't a dumb IPv6 address question

I got lots of free IPv6 addresses from my hosting provider they’re basically giving it out like free candy would it be beneficial if I used multiple IPv6 addresses for my relay?

Probably not useful. Also Tor relays still require a IPv4 address as well and the amount of Tor relays per IP address is 2. So I guess having lots of IPv6 addresses for Tor is only useful if you 1) have at least half of its amount in IPv4 addresses 2) have enough processing power and 3) have enough bandwidth to host lots of Tor relays on those IP addresses.

The huge amount of IPv6 address space that will be unused/‘wasted’ is not a problem (at least not in the foreseeable future), so don’t worry about having ‘too much’ IPv6 addresses :slight_smile: .

Well I am running a tor relay on a server that has 256 GB of ram and it has 10 CPU cores it also has a 1GB internet connection