Disable site favicons

How about disabling site favicons within “about:config” ??

They are of little use and exploits/tracking have been discovered in the past with them enabled. Not to mention when you bookmark a site the favicon garbage is saved in the bookmarks file, bloating it which is unnecessary.

You are looking for the browser.chrome.site_icons option.

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Hi coacx,

Thanks for the response. I know this, I was suggesting the default Tor Browser disable these (as there are a few more related entries) as a precaution and because it makes sense.

Oh… I’ve missed the ‘about’ in your question…

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Hi coacx,

No problem! Your heart was in the right place and my English isn’t the best! Take care.

I hate to quote myself, but anyway, is there any interest in discussion of this and perhaps future implementation within Tor Browser? Thanks.

Hi @aliceinonionland, thanks for the suggestion!

I disagree that favicons are of little use. They offer a direct benefit for the glanceability of tabs and bookmarks etc, and are a staple of the browsing experience that users coming from other browsers would expect to see. Trying to find a single tab among 30 (for example) would be markedly more difficult without the extra visual differentiation that favicons offer.

So, in short, we’d need to have a really strong reason to remove these by default given the potential consequences for the user experience.


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