Bridge but guard?

i see on few blog post i found over google lines like this:

obfs4 IP:PORT cert=somecertetc iat-mode=0

but it is missing the fingerprint why?

if i try add that obfs4 line into tor browser it works but in path it shows like GUARD not bridge?

someone can explain me pls? its still obfs4 obfuscated or no?

Hi @cipher,

Please check if that IP isn’t a Tor public relay: Relay Search

The best way of getting a reliable Tor bridge is using website, email -, or
using Moat to fetch bridges from within Tor Browser. You can find more instructions here: BRIDGES | Tor Project | Tor Browser Manual.
If you’re from Russia, then please check these other instructions here: Tor blocked in Russia: how to circumvent censorship

Yes i can search it by IP but the port is different? what is that? even port is open

Please share that bridge line in private with me. Thanks!

Even i wanted to i dont see anything like “private message” option.
Second, i never share IP, no matter what project it is or even if it is public searchable.

I just want to know why relays that i can find on Relay Search i can find over google with different ports and can add them as “bridge” but showing in tor browser as “guard”

Example is: tor relay with ip and orport 5678 and i found over google that obfs4 line without fingerprint but with different port.

Why it works?